Eagle Animal Shelter: Week 2 – Colorado, #Project42

Week two of #Project42, where for one year I am volunteering with a new non-profit once a week, wherever I am in the world. This week, I am in my home state of Colorado, and decided to lend a hand to our County’s animal shelter.

Week Two: Eagle, Colorado

The Non-Profit:

Eagle County Animal Shelter

The shelter is run by the local government, and operates as a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. They take rescues found in the wild, as well as take in animals in kill-shelters from other states that need to be relocated. There are six full time employees at the shelter, and about 40 cats and 25 dogs. They are always looking for helping hands to play, walk, clean, foster and adopts these furry friends.

How to Volunteer: 

Visit this page, and follow registration instructions!

Good to know before you go! In order to volunteer at the shelter, you need to attend a training, that takes about 20 minutes. They run the trainings monthly, and you can find out when the next one is going on by emailing: rhiannon.rowe@eaglecounty.us. 

Once you attend the training once, you can drop in anytime during business hours and help out.

Just for Fun…While You Are In The Area:

Grab a bite at Moe’s Original BBQ, about 5 minutes from the shelter. It’s the best dang BBQ you will find in the state of Colorado!

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