Emphasis Foundation: Week 4 – Athens, Greece #Project42

Week four of my year long giving challenge: volunteer once a week, wherever I am in the world. This week, I have done an in-depth recap of my recent trip to Greece, which I organized & lead with my company, WeJourney.

Week Four: Athens, Greece 

The Non-Profit: 

Emfasis Foundation

This is a grassroots non-profit that addresses the needs of those living in street situations or impending homelessness, as well as those who face serious threats to survival. This ranges from homeless – rough sleepers, unemployed, people below the poverty line, those struggling with addition, street connected children, and most recently: refugees.

Emfasis places a priority of serving these communities with dignity. The take an entirely new approach at seeking out and supporting people, rather than having them cue up in line, and feel as if they are begging for a handout. They do this by packing up the Emfasis relief van, and driving to communities where they have strong relationships and know the needs of each person or family.

Their values are rooted in:

  • a non-judgmental approach and anti-discriminatory practices
  • respect for discretion and confidentiality
  • adapting constantly
  • act effectively and efficiently without being bogged down to bureaucracy and excessive planning

How You Can Get Involved: 

Emphasis is a small organization, so you need to apply online to volunteer and be matched with a project.

To do that, visit: http://www.emfasisfoundation.org/volunteer/

You will submit there, and they will get in touch with you!

While in Athens…

Check out City Circus Hostel. It’s great for the 20 something traveler, and in the heart of an upbeat, bohemian neighborhood.

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